Essential Custom additions

Custom training scenarios

These are a series of custom developed training scenarios intended for use with MuVIT. Unzip the files and copy the xml and png file to Documents\ShipSim2008 UserData\Custom Missions they will be automatically detected when you select Custom Mission from the main ShipSim menu.


This starts outside a large marina where the student can choose between a large number of docking possibilities from along side to backing into the slip and practice approaches and maneuvering in restricted quarters.

Docking with lines

This takes place on a single beach dock where the use of  lines including spring lines is possible to demonstrate the concepts involved.

Meeting and crossing

This demonstrates several meeting and crossing scenarion with both large and small vessels


Maneuver the vessel out of the harbor and determine the best speed to weave the vessel through a series of buoys while maintaining control.

High traffic situation

This demonstrates several meeting and crossing exercises which also can include a collision if one does not remain aware of the full 360 degree situation.

User contributed scenarios

This is a collection of scenarios which all take place in the San Francisco or NYC area which were developed by Harold Howard of the Peace River Sail and Power Squadron.

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