This is currently for a series of tutorials to document the configuration of the various components of the MuVIT system. It is a work in progress so bear with me.

The VRInsight console is the heart of the interface to the MuVIT platform. It functions as the throttles which provide control over both single and dual engine vessels. It also provides the buttons which allow you to execute functions such as changing viewing location, turning on/off displya features such as chartplotter, etc.

The first thing to consider how you want the buttons configured. The photo below is what I recommend as it is the result of several variations to find the most useful config. Check the addons page for labels that allow you to make custom button labels that you can print or design your own, I made some to replace the Cam labels with a more descriptive name such as helm and birds-eye view.

Speaking of the labels, the console comes with quite a few you can choose to use. You have to remove the button covers and place the label inside the put the cover back on. VRInsight is kind enough to include a took which has a sticky face you place on the button face and lift it off. If you misplace that tool like I did you can gently use pliers to lift the cover off the button.

picture of button layout on vrinsight console

Placeholder for tutorials on the software setup.

This section is very much a work in progress…

Software Configuration