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An updated tutorial on how to use tablets in MuVIT

MuVIT basic tablet interface

The tablet is at the heart of the new MuVIT platform. Those who have a VRInsight console can continue to use that as we’ve documented. We’ve selected the 8.7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which we will be offering when our store opens after the Annual Meeting in February. It will look very similar to the one on the left but with a shockproof case and more functions. We’re just waiting to get all the parts together to show it off, supply chain delays are impacting getting the first units.

Greatly expanded tablet tutorial

Until we have that to show you later this month, we have extended the tutorial about how to install and configure Unified Remote which is what provides the tablet interface if you are in the DIY crowd. We’re going to be updating the tutorials quite a bit so stay tuned…

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