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An updated tutorial on how to use tablets in MuVIT

The tablet is at the heart of the new MuVIT platform. Those who have a VRInsight console can continue to use that as we’ve documented. We’ve selected the 8.7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which we will be offering when our store opens after the Annual Meeting in February. It will look very similar to…


Advantages of using boating simulation training in the classroom

Introduction Numerous interactive simulators exist which can be used to provide a learning environment for students which allows them to consider, evaluate and solve real-life scenarios they might face. The use of simulators is rapidly being recognized and integrated into many educational settings. In this article we will address boating simulation and how it can…

MuVIT Overview and capabilities of the Virtual Sailor software

I put together a YouTube video to show some of the more interesting features and capabilities of the Virtual Sailor software used by the MuVIT platform. This will demonstrate just how flexible and extendable this package is and some of the advanced capabilities built into the basic package. More tutorials to follow.

A brief tutorial on configuring MuVIT’s new software to work with the VRInsight console

We put together a brief tutorial about how to configure the Virtual Sailor NG software to work with the VRInsight console. We know that quite a few systems are out there that use this hardware and rather than causing an obsolescence issue with that rather expensive piece of hardware with the new software, here are…