Report that windows blocked installing Virtual Sailor

We have received a report of windows blocking the installation of Virtual Sailor NG. Some anti-malware software such as the Windows Defender, which is very good but it has its own quirks, may erroneously flag Virtual Sailor NG as malicious or unknown software. This does not mean that the software is infected or malicious. In general, Windows defender SmartScreen will block you from opening some apps if they come from an unknown place or are created by an unknown publisher.

Windows malware protection screen for virtual sailor

Windows Defender SmartScreen is indicating that it has stopped the execution of the installation because it comes from an unknown source. This just means the author of the software did not sign it with a certificate identifying who they are. Clicking on More info will bring up another button allowing you to proceed.

Windows malware protection bypass

Clicking on the Run anyway button will allow the installation to proceed. We highly recommend that you use the default settings during the install to avoid complications later.

This seems to be limited to windows defender as other anti-malware products are not flagging it. I’ve run the software thru malware checkers and it all comes back clean, this is just a case of Windows being excessively cautious.

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