The new version of MuVIT was unveiled at the Annual Meeting

We’re back from the Annual Meeting and starting a new MuVIT blog. MuVIT has retired the ShipSim software after numerous issues and has now migrated to Virtual Sailor NG, a much more advanced platform with more features and capabilities. Among the new tools is a RADAR simulation which several people noted had sufficient capabilities built in to be able to teach both a RADAR seminar or full class since all the controls are there and operate in a manner one would expect. The configuration is generic and not geared to any specific manufacturer so we can teach the material in s straight forward manner while referring the students to their operator’s manual for their brand’s specific details.

Radar display
Radar Simulation
MuVIT with OpenCPN integration
OpenCPN Integration

Another big hit was the integration with OpenCPN. Configuration is a breeze if you are using a network. I’ve had it working on both wired and wireless and setup took less than 5 minutes once I figured out which button to push on the OpenCPN console. Virtual Sailor was as simple as going into the Network>NMEA in the top menu and clicking on the Start NMEA button while noting the IP address and port it shows you that OpenCPN will be looking for. In Tampa, we are already working on how we can integrate this into our advanced classes. More to come on this.

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