Stop the Throttle Shuffle

Stop the Throttle Shuffle: Using Non-Skid Materials Keep Things in Place

I think we can all admit that the 3D-printed throttle quadrants for the MuVIT virtual trainer are quite light. We have had a couple conversations with users who observed that while using the throttles they tended to slide around. This isn’t too surprising when you combine the lightweight with a smooth plastic bottom. So, we set out to find a simple inexpensive solution.

We looked at conventional stick-on feet, but those tend to end up coming off over time then you end up with a wobbly device. We also tried rubber feet that mount with screws but these tend to be either too tall or they just don’t do a lot in the anti-skid arena. We even tried printing an antiskid pad out of TPU but then you end up with a specialized extra part to deal with. So, what to do??

Simple non-skid solutions

Using non-skid materials like shelf liner or Dycem film can be a game-changer when it comes to keeping your throttle in position on your desktop. These materials provide the necessary grip to prevent the throttle from sliding around. By simply placing a piece of shelf liner or Dycem film underneath your joystick, you can ensure that it stays securely in place, allowing you to maintain better control. Don’t underestimate the power of these readily available materials – they can make a significant difference in your simulator experience!

Shelf Liner

Non-Skid shelf liner

Non-skid shelf liner is commonly available at a great many locations. Grocery stores, box stores, corner hardware store, Walmart, etc. This material when placed under the base of the throttle quadrant will tend to keep it in place during use. Easily cut to size, you can have several pieces ready as needed. This material is typically priced at ~ $.50/Sq Ft so it is quite cost effective.

Dycem Film

Dycem sticky film

Dycem film is another possible solution but perhaps better suited to a more semi-permanent mounting. If you’ve ever been around a clean room you will know this material, it is that sticky floor film that cleans the bottom of your footwear. Its two-sided grip ensures the material itself will not slip along with items placed on the material. Reusable, easy-to-clean material is non-toxic. Not a corner store material but it is readily available.

Of course there are other possible solutions, some involve physical modifications to the housing which is not recommended, but these are simple and do the job without a lot of drama or messing about. Me, I’d try the shelf liner first and see what happens.

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